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First Aid for Bikes – from a Vending Machine

I have to confess – I have no idea how to fix a flat tyre. Or even how to pump up my tyres. I basically suck at Bike First Aid.

So I was quite excited to hear about this great idea from Auckland Cycle Chic. Auckland bike shop Bike Central has starting rolling out BikeAid – a vending machine that dispenses bicycle repair equipment such as puncture repair kits, inner tubes, brake pads, lights, CO2 canisters, pumps and allen keys.

Of course I’d still have to learn how to repair a puncture, use a pump or an alley key. But I think the cycle gloves will come in handy for unexpectedly cold nights, the bike lights will be good when yours get nicked and you need to get home and who hasn’t forgotten their bike lock before?

Please please please, someone start doing this in Australia.

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