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Cycling Dutch Style – tour and documentary

In May 2011 Paul van Bellen from Dutch city bike importers Gazelle Bicycles Australia will lead 30 Australian cycling thinkers over a 500km, 13 day tour in The Netherlands, the world’s most cycle friendly country.

Filmmakers Rowena Crowe and Paulo Alberton will follow and record van Bellen’s tour as his team studies innovations and attitudes in cycling. Rowena and Paulo will be detailing their trip at and developing a documentary about the journey at the end.

Rowena and Paul are currently raising money to enable them to participate on the tour and create content for both the website and documentary. You can contribute funds via their IndieGoGo site as well as help spread the word using social networks.

Here’s a video about with Paul introducing the reasons for the tour and what we can learn from the Dutch.

Cool New York Girls

Really. Can you get any cooler than these Alexander Wang-esque girls cycling in New York City?

NY girls Cool New York Girls

via Hanneli

Cycling = Fashionable. Conde Nast editor tell us how it’s done

danziger bike Cycling = Fashionable. Conde Nast editor tell us how it’s doneIf you want any evidence that it’s possible to cycle and look good at the same time, go no further than what editor-in-chief of Conde Nast magazine ‘Self’ has to say about her cycling wear.

New York-based Lucy Danziger says helmets actually help you hair because you keep it in place, and she rides in pencil-thin Vince pants, a Tory Burch jacket, a Tory Burch sweater and pretty necklaces. It makes her feel dressy and cool. We agree!

Here’s the full article.

QLD Flood Appeal Auction

As many of you know, Queensland has recently suffered some the worse flooding in decades. People have lost their homes, their livelihoods and even their lives.

I spent the majority of my childhood in Brisbane and many of the areas that suffered the worse flooding were places that I grew up in – the local shops, the university, the places where I used to hang out. The areas of devastation are all too familiar.

As such, I’m asking for your support for the Nuffnang United Queensland Flood Appeal Auction. There are 30 items up for auction via eBay and one of the items is an item donated from CycleStyle’s range, the Bronze Quilted Double Panniers Bags. These lovely panniers (of which there are only two in Australia) were featured by Lady Melbourne on her eponymous fashion blog. Bids start at $50 and postage is free.

20014453 QLD Flood Appeal Auction

Please dig deep this Australia Day. 100% of all winning bids will be donated to our fellow Australians affected by the Queensland floods via the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

NUFFNANG BLOG POST IMAGE 1024x560 605x330 QLD Flood Appeal Auction

Schwalbe Tube Vending Machine

We’ve written about bike-related vending machines before – here’s another handy one dispensing Schwalbe inner tubes for those pesky punctures.

schwalbe 605x453 Schwalbe Tube Vending Machine

via Bike Hugger

Sight from the Saddle

Bike blog Sight from the Saddle liked our post on Bondi Cycle Chic.

Sight from the Saddle Annex Mozilla Firefox 22012011 072200 Sight from the Saddle

Stuck for space? Two Bike Gravity Stand

I live in an apartment with two people and three bikes. At our place, swinging a cat is out of the question, so bike storage can be a conundrum.

The Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand may be the answer. It stores one or two bikes and leans securely against the wall, no attachment required, using only gravity to hold the stand in place.

Available for US customers from lovely San Francisco bike store Public Bikes and Amazon for the rest of us.

gravity stand 605x831 Stuck for space? Two Bike Gravity Stand

Hello sailor!

Jess was cycling her way to the HMS Post Office to pick up some records she’d purchased from America.

P1060285v1 605x960 Hello sailor!

We simply couldn’t resist her nautical-inspired outfit, including a $5 hat from an Army Disposal store that she tricked up with some jaunty fake flowers. A style salute for the girl, please!

P1060287v1 605x907 Hello sailor!

P1060288v1 605x438 Hello sailor!

Delightful Cycles

Bike blog Delightful Cycles liked our post on Bondi Cycle Chic.

Sight from the Saddle Annex Mozilla Firefox 22012011 072200 Delightful Cycles

Frocks on Bikes – Sunday 30 January

We’ve mentioned previously that Frocks on Bikes would be coming to Melbourne – and here tis! The first Frocks on Bikes Melbourne ride will be Sunday 30 January from 3pm.

There will be a genteel bike ride starting from Edinburgh Gardens and ending with Pimms and croquet at Brunswick Mallet Sports Club.

If you’re wondering what kind of outfit you should be wearing for the inaugural ride, check out the Flickr stream from Sondra, one of the Frocks on Bikes ladies. taken at the Northside Ladies Bicycle Calendar launch back in October last year.

frocks1 605x401 Frocks on Bikes   Sunday 30 January

Friendly Bike Guest House

We like businesses that actively promote themselves as being ‘bike friendly’. We particularly like businesses that promote themselves as ‘friendly, bike-friendly’ places – such as the Friendly Bike Guest House in Portland, Oregon.

image 8 Friendly Bike Guest House

According to BikePortland, owner Chris Frick turned his big house into a bike-oriented guest house in 2010 after he came upon the Oregon Manifest bike show and learned that United Bicycle Institute was moving in just across the street from his house.

image 3 Friendly Bike Guest House

It’s not just a guest house with bike-inspired art on the walls. Guests are able to access the secure indoor bike parking and a basement area with a mechanic stand and bike tools, as well as complimentary bike shipping boxes, packing materials and local bike and transit information.

We hope someone will do something similar in Australia soon!

Voyeur Magazine

Virgin Blue’s inflight magazine Voyeur featured Po Campo’s Fleur de France Rack Tote in their January 2011 issue.

CycleStyle 001 Voyeur Magazine

This is Amsterdam…and this is my bike

This great promotional video shows how the residents of Amsterdam, of all ages, sizes and professions, use their bikes to get around their home town. Mothers, businessmen, young couples – they all say ‘This is Amsterdam….and this is my bike.’

via foodieonabike

Our office move

Our office and warehouse have moved!

We are now in the neighbouring suburb of Fitzroy and our postal address has changed to PO Box 2043, Fitzroy VIC 3065.
For you, our customers, there’s really no practical change.

For us, it’s a fun opportunity to deck out our new digs. We are liking Korean designer Cho Hyung Suk’s B-Chain Lamp. Shall we go red or white?

(That’s a rhetorical question. The lamp is USD$150 + shipping from Korea. Sadly we’re going to have to stick with our IKEA lamp for the moment.)

lamp Our office move

lamp 2 Our office move


AUTUM Epitaph 1 605x317 EpitaphWow this looks like one cushy bike.

Epitaph is limited edition cruiser bike built by leather specialists Autum.

AUTUM Epitaph 2 Epitaph

AUTUM Epitaph 5 Epitaph

Bondi Cycle Chic

When you think Sydney you think the harbour, the Opera House and Bondi beach.

Well, now you can also think of cycle chic, as these photos attest from our recent visit to the iconic beach on a picture perfect Sunday. So many cool bikes, so many great-looking cyclists!

P1000906v1 605x719 Bondi Cycle Chic

P1000912v1 605x806 Bondi Cycle Chic

P1000910v1 605x891 Bondi Cycle Chic

P1000922v1 Bondi Cycle Chic

P1000932v1 605x838 Bondi Cycle Chic

And some behind-the-scenes shots of Saskia of Sydney Cycle Chic hard at work photographing stylish cyclists.

P1000920v1 605x453 Bondi Cycle Chic

P1000917v1 605x787 Bondi Cycle Chic

Bicycle clothing cart

Italian design studio Ciszak Dalmas created this bicycle clothing cart for Spanish label Raasta’s Lungi collection. The Lungi collection encouraged artisans and communities to continue their age-old crafts by sourcing lungis, a traditional Tamil Nadu 2 meters long fabric from South India.

works lungi 04 Bicycle clothing cart

works lungi 01 Bicycle clothing cart

works lungi 02 Bicycle clothing cart

works lungi 03 Bicycle clothing cart

works lungi 05 Bicycle clothing cart

via Barcelona Cycle Chic

Glorious puffed sleeves

Anne of Green Gables was my childhood hero and I still occasionally dig out LM Montgomery’s series to read over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

When I saw this picture by Mikael Wardhana, it immediately reminded me of Anne’s dream to one day own a dress with puffed sleeves.

“Oh, I AM grateful,” protested Anne. “But I’d be ever so much gratefuller if–if you’d made just one of them with puffed sleeves. Puffed sleeves are so fashionable now. It would give me such a thrill, Marilla, just to wear a dress with puffed sleeves.”

Personally, I like the sleeves AND the bike!

mikael wardhana9 605x454 Glorious puffed sleeves

Sustainable urban delivery

B line Sustainable urban delivery

B-Line, a company based in Portland, Oregon, demonstrates the kind of loads that is possible to deliver on a bicycle (or in this case, tricycle). Their tricycles are faster, cleaner and cheaper than conventional trucks and the ubiquitous white van and still with over 55 cubic feet and 600-pound capacity.

Here’s a video from Franklin Jones, the founder of B-Line, and includes interviews with B-Line customers who explain why they choose to use bikes for local deliveries. Not to forget that being able to make more deliveries, faster, in groovy trucks which feature advertising, means better profits for B-Line.

Bringing some Dutch style to Melbourne

P1040756 Bringing some Dutch style to Melbourne

Marre first caught our eye thanks to the high-high-high heels she was wearing. Then *gasp* that beautiful figure-hugging dress. And finally, her stylishly decorated bike.

We were not at all surprised when we discovered that Marre is originally from Amsterdam and has been living in Melbourne for the past two years. She explained that back in Holland, everyone decorated their bikes and of course everyone wears their (stylish) everyday clothes on their rides. Thanks Marre for bringing some Dutch style to Melbourne!

P1040755 605x564 Bringing some Dutch style to Melbourne

P1040757 605x403 Bringing some Dutch style to Melbourne