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News Unlimited

News Unlimited tells Brisbane urban cyclists about CycleStyle – no need for lycra.

Cycle with style News Unlimited Mozilla Firefox 6082010 105715 AM 814x651 News Unlimited

Ride On Magazine

Bicycle Victoria’s August-September issue of Ride On magazine features a story on CycleStyle and our favourite Lemon Straw Deluxe Shopper and Cherry Straw Deluxe Shopper.

DOC060810.pdf Adobe Reader 6082010 113834 AM 605x788 Ride On Magazine
DOC060810.pdf Adobe Reader 6082010 113641 AM Ride On Magazine


Business website Bizoomi interviewed Joyce about CycleStyle and running a small business.

Helping Cyclists Cycle in Style bizoomi helping businesses share learn and grow Mozilla Firefox 2082010 93227 AM 814x730 Bizoomi

Kind Boutique

Kind Boutique’s blog liked the CycleStyle photoshoot.

CycleStyle Photoshoot... Kind Boutique Mozilla Firefox 29072010 101750 AM Kind Boutique

Daydream Lily

One of our favourite blogs Daydream Lily posted up pictures from the CycleStyle photo shoot (blogger Liss is also the sister of Jono Winnel – talented family!)

CycleStyle photoshoot DAYDREAM LILY Mozilla Firefox 22072010 23401 PM 814x544 Daydream Lily


Yes, this is truly how Joyce commutes to work – on her bike and in style. See Issue 98 of this week’s Grazia Magazine, Monday 19 July. And check out Cheryl‘s look too – she took the photograph of Joyce!

1475 001.pdf Adobe Reader 12072010 104439 AM 814x555 Grazia

Courier Mail

You can just see a peek of our Lemon Straw Deluxe Shopper in the Courier Mail‘s winter fashion spread.

Fashion July2.pdf Adobe Reader 2072010 102254 AM 814x865 Courier Mail

Jono Winnel

The talented photographer for our photoshoot Jono Winnel has a new website for his portfolio. Go and check out his work, including his shots for CycleStyle.

Jono Winnel Mozilla Firefox 16072010 42537 PM.bmp 814x710 Jono Winnel

CycleStyle E-newsletter 1 July 2010

Come and meet us at the Melbourne Design Market! A sneak peek of some of the goodies you’ll find in our e-newsletter.

Meet us at the Melbourne Design Market Sunday 11 July Mozilla Firefox 20082010 204857 605x493 CycleStyle E newsletter 1 July 2010.

The Vine

Check out our gorgeous vintage-styled photoshoot on TheVine. Credits to photographer Jono Winnel and model Marianne of Esme and the Laneway.

TheVine printscreen 814x649 The Vine

Esme and the Laneway

Our ‘house model’ and fashion blogger Esme and the Laneway styled herself with our Wicker Basket Oval. Just lover-ly.

Esme and the laneway printscreen 814x745 Esme and the Laneway

The Camilleon

We told Camille that her bike was hot. On her blog The Camilleon she writes that she’s thinking of investing in some Kitsch Kitchen panniers.

The Camilleon printscreen 814x675 The Camilleon


Melbourne bike blog DoubleOhTwo liked our Bronze Quilted Double Panniers

DoubleOhTwo printscreen 605x736 DoubleOhTwo

Lady Melbourne

Lady Melbourne is one lovely lady and we’ve been following her impressive self-styled fashion blog for ages. Check out Phoebe on her bike with the Bronze Quilted Double Panniers and Tree Bark Rack Tote.

Lady Melbourne printscreen 814x717 Lady Melbourne

CycleStyle E-newsletter 21 June 2010

New products in-store, including our first CycleStyle in-house designs. All revealed in our e-newsletter.

Super exciting new stuff Mozilla Firefox 20082010 205322 605x491 CycleStyle E newsletter 21 June 2010

Natalie Bloom

We met Natalie Bloom, the female entrepeneur behind international success story Bloom Cosmetics, at the Bloom Organics launch. We’re thrilled that she’s popped CycleStyle onto her blog.

Bloom printscreen Natalie Bloom


LoveBento loves our Beatrice Holiday handlebar bags, along with some other great Melbourne places.

LoveBento Melbourne Combo 069 CycleStyle Handlebar Bags Mamasita C.O.T Coffee Douglas Hope Mozilla Firefox 12062010 175919.bmp 814x502 LoveBento

Miss Kish

Our fabulous web designer Kish and Co also writes a fabulous blog (which is how we met her in the first place).

Miss Kish printscreen 814x674 Miss Kish

Women in Business

Women in Business helps creative women in business and female entrepreneurs use the internet for business. Read our interview.

Women in Business print screen 814x668 Women in Business

Super Kawaii Mama

Our fellow blogging friend and constantly glamorous Super Kawaii Mama loved our shop, including the Disco-bright reflective legwarmers, Lemon Straw Deluxe Shopper, Pink and red floral pannier and Edith handlebar bag.

Super Kawaii Mama printscreen 814x640 Super Kawaii Mama