Wingman instructions

The Wingman‘s sleeves are designed to be a snug fit so you need to insert the ribs with caution.

Whilst we have taken care to round the edges, some edges may remain, so be careful when handling and inserting (normal household scissors can be used to trim the ribs if you are worried).

Take particular care not to crease the ribs, rip the liner or stitching and make sure they are guided into the reinforced internal tarpaulin pouches at either end.

We recommend laying the Wingman flat on the floor. Insert the ribs in the top section first, and guide the ribs over the two horizontal struts. Ensure the ribs are pushed all the way home, into the reinforced pockets. Once the top section has been inserted, you need to insert the bottom section. This requires you to carefully bend and insert the bottom end of the rib, in a controlled manner, and ensure it reaches the reinforced pocket at the end. Once the batten is in place, velcro the liner flap in place to hide the rib.

Check out this video if you would like to see a demonstration.

instructions1 605x512 Wingman instructions

instructions2 605x550 Wingman instructions

instructions3 605x564 Wingman instructions

Strellson and Bianchi “Rolling Style” White Edition Collection

001c73115ce60064838a92a5b1334d59 Strellson and Bianchi Rolling Style White Edition Collection

Swiss brand Strellson and Bianchi bikes have teamed up to form the ‘Rolling Style’ White Edition Collection – business casual wear to match the white Bianchi bikes. Just don’t ride through any puddles!

ab2bfae4237542d6460a9a4aa92b1cf2 Strellson and Bianchi Rolling Style White Edition Collection

aec81975461db69d6544cbd65fcf771a Strellson and Bianchi Rolling Style White Edition Collection

7879d65138182718d405b885b17451d8 Strellson and Bianchi Rolling Style White Edition Collection

a9120cd05f6a4bca742e2f50b1cd2a88 Strellson and Bianchi Rolling Style White Edition Collection

b61eb711f0fa5f97ee3d1085fde155ee Strellson and Bianchi Rolling Style White Edition Collection

Man’s best friend

Style blogger tick tock vintage rides her bike with her cute pooch. Love her Spring-like outfit too!

5913675409 8059eba792 b Mans best friend

5913675607 d2fdf9f750 b Mans best friend

Elegant in Milan

Italian men sure know how to dress stylishly, even when they’re going to work on a bike. 

6816675444 4f9153c375 Elegant in Milan

via Italian Cycle Chic

Review of Twowheelcool Airhead Helmet Liner

Airhead in BusiChic helmet Review of Twowheelcool Airhead Helmet Liner

Business fashion blogger and commuter cyclist Business Chic reviews the Airhead Helmet Liner made by Australian design company Twowheelcool.

The Airhead Helmet Liner claims to prevent the dreaded helmet hair. Here’s what Cheryl had to say about it:

  • It’s super easy to pop an Airhead in your helmet! Simply have the bouncy spikes facing outwards so they can create space to get some air moving through your hair as you cycle.
  • Normally, the moment I pull off my helmet I’d find that my fringe is stuck to my forehead and the crown of my head all sweaty. Take a look at my day using the Airhead!:

BusiChic Airhead experience Review of Twowheelcool Airhead Helmet LinerTop L-R: Before Cycling;  sneaky pic of my hair prior to a meeting I’d just cycled to.

Bottom images: Cycling about town~ up hill; getting sweaty face and in light rain!

54310e9ef058a4d639b516d32a270758 Review of Twowheelcool Airhead Helmet Liner

BusiChic cycle outfit after Airhead Review of Twowheelcool Airhead Helmet Liner

  • It’s comfortable. The “spikes” that stick out from the Airhead Helmet Liner are pretty bouncy and just buffered against my hair; thereby creating the spaces through which air could come in and cool my scalp.
  • The Airhead Helmet Liner is easily removed and can be rinsed and dried or wiped down. Very easy to clean.

You can buy the Airhead Helmet Liner in a range of colours for $29.95 + shipping.

Four good reasons why you should ride to work

There are many reasons to ride to work. With Ride to Work Day coming up on Wednesday 17 October here’s a cool reminder of why bikes are the best way to get around.

Velorution Drawing Peter Grundy Four good reasons why you should ride to work

A simple message by illustrator Peter Grundy.


So this lady isn’t hitching a ride on the bus because she’s got her bike with her. Though she is hitching up her skirt. Haw haw.

springagain 605x910 Hitching

VIA:Rapha survey

See you at Bikefest Newcastle this weekend!

bikefest1 605x242 See you at Bikefest Newcastle this weekend!
We’re heading to our first regional market and taking our cycling goodies up to Newcastle this weekend!
Bikefest is an opportunity for Novocastrians to enjoy a weekend of bike rides, entertainment, games, races, expos and workshops along the city’s foreshore and cycleways.

We will be holding a stall at the Bikefest Expo on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October 10-4pm at the Honeysuckle Precinct.

We’ll be in good company – check out stalls from Gazelle, Dutch Cargo Bikes, Monkeysee, Urban Bicycles and more!


Mix and match

Mixing patterns and colours can really work! Style blogger Delightfully Tacky shows off her outfit with her black fixed gear bike. 

IMG 5612 Mix and match

IMG 5606 1 Mix and match
IMG 5640 2 Mix and match

Bicycle Art

Love the elegance of this bicycle poster by Anthony Neil Dart

tumblr m17wlpQMZY1rs73t7o1 500 Bicycle Art

New Look in Amsterdam

Vogue Netherlands features their national vehicle, the bike, in their fashion editorial. 

15027173 6e1ff7d252a40109101d240766bc4e73 l 605x403 New Look in Amsterdam
15027175 1fb6369bc3c11c8dbca1357836d5cc21 l New Look in Amsterdam


Primary colours

Get ready for spring with an outfit in primary colours. 

7133169003 d561a45f50 c Primary colours

via Toronto 416CycleStyle

Lots of colour in Malmo, Sweden

It’s spring so go colour crazy on your bike! Take inspiration from this picture taken by Malmo Lund Cycle Chic.

malmo Lots of colour in Malmo, Sweden

Visit us on PARK(ing) Day – Friday 21 September

 Visit us on PARK(ing) Day   Friday 21 September

Come and visit CycleStyle and Roll Up Valet Parking next Friday 21 September 9-4pm on the corner of Gertrude and George Streets Fitzroy and celebrate PARK(ing) Day!

PARK(ing) Dayis an annual worldwide event where artists, designers and citizens transform metered car parking spots into temporary public parks. In Melbourne, two public car park spaces on busy Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, will be re-purposed and re-imagined to provide a fun recreational space complete with bicycle valet parking.

So give your bike the VIP red carpet treatment, pull up a chair, sip a free coffee on us if you’re one of the first people to arrive, get stuck into a board game, a book or Treadlie magazine (you could even win a subscription!)  or just sit back and enjoy the view. 

 Visit us on PARK(ing) Day   Friday 21 September

The CycleStyle/Roll Up PARK(ING) day site has been made possible with the support of City of Yarra and Awesome Foundation Melbourne.


Date: Friday, 21 September, 9am  – 4pm

Location: CycleStyle/Roll Up PARK(ing) Day site, Gertrude St, corner George St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Cost: Free (and you may even win some free stuff!)


Black and white

Style blogger Delightfully Tacky matches her black bike with a cute black and white outfit. 

IMG 1303 Black and white

IMG 1300 Black and white

Spring flowers

Spring has officially arrived! Nothing says hello spring like a floral skirt and a bike ride in the green woods. 

tumblr l8etq1Fbqy1qzcd3b 701022 605x437 Spring flowers


Morning commute with Dad, director of Environmental Film Festival Melbourne

Our photo for Day 3 of our Fathers Day Countdown is of Nicholas Aberle, the director of the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne (4-9 September 2012).

Here he is with his child on his morning commute via their Gazelle Cabby! The bike gets a lot of use – weekdays for the childcare run and weekends when they go grocery shopping at CERES.

nick e1346213249358 Morning commute with Dad, director of Environmental Film Festival Melbourne


Riding in NYC

This week to celebrate Fathers Day on Sunday 2 September we are dedicating the blog to dads with bikes.

First up is New Yorker Steve O’Neill who’s been riding in NYC for over 15 years. Now he commutes with his 5 year old son Beckett.

My NYC Biking Story: Steve O’Neill from Streetfilms on Vimeo.


Father’s Day Countdown – Day 1

This week we’re celebrating Dads on bikes!

First up, Monday morning. What a great way to start a day in the office. 

7021952787 e130723035 z Fathers Day Countdown   Day 1

via Amsterdam Cycle Chic


Florence Welch and her Bobbin Bicycle

Florence Welch from Florence and The Machine rides her machine of choice, a custom-made bike from Bobbin Bicycles.

florence Florence Welch and her Bobbin Bicycle

Apparently Florence likes to ride her bicycle around London to get the creative juices flowing. “”It’s good for me, especially when I’m away on the road. I’m always on planes, in cars, in vans so it’s so nice having that. It also sets free your imagination.” Read more here.